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4 delicious ways to use Red Gold

I have a new obsession: John Stacy’s Red Gold.

Ahem…John Stacy’s Red Gold. (Cue heavens opening and herald angels singing.) Can you hear them?

Red Gold is chili oil on crack. It’s like sambal mated with Sriracha and created an infinitely better version of themselves. It’s the Messiah in digestible form. It’s chunky, oily, pepper-stuffed goodness that briefly makes you forget the horrors in the world, one bite at a time. To quote the creator: It’s spicylicious.

Red Gold contains 13 ingredients, including garlic, onions, chili and oil. As John says himself, it’s an ‘artisan condiment’. I first heard about it on Facebook, which is currently the only place you can buy it. (You can purchase some by joining this group.)

Right now, John is making the delicious stuff — along with its even spicier counterpart, Ghost Gold — in his own kitchen here in San Diego County. For the record: I’m not being compensated to write about it, and I’ve paid full retail price for every jar I’ve bought. I just think it’s amazing and wanted to share! Here are some of the ways I’ve used Red Gold myself:

Toast topperred goldI love eating open-faced sandwiches for a quick breakfast or lunch. I layer turkey and cheese onto some thick wheat bread, pop in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, then throw some Red Gold on top. It’s also EXCELLENT on avocado toast in the morning.

Holy basil fried rice

red goldMy love of Thai holy basil burns deep, and I’ve found Red Gold is a fantastic complement to bring out its rich, peppery flavor. I flash-fry the holy basil in sesame oil until crispy, and set to the side. Then I brown roughly-chopped garlic, ginger, carrots and chicken, then move those ingredients to the side and add day-old rice to the middle of the wok. Mix together, add a bit of water and fish sauce, then top with toasted cashews and Red Gold. It’s a fantastic 15-minute meal.

Spicy mayo

red goldI love getting things with chipotle mayo at restaurants…so I decided to make my own! I combine Ghost Gold with mayonnaise and a small drizzle of honey. It goes perfectly with these sun-dried tomato and feta turkey sliders (on Hawaiian rolls, of course).

Nutella quesadilla

red goldThis combination was an experiment — that went oh-so-right. Just lightly butter both sides of a flour tortilla, sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar, and warm in a pan over low heat. Then scoop some Nutella and Red Gold onto the tortilla, let the Nutella mixture melt for a minute, then fold the tortilla and cook for another couple minutes on each side. Who says dessert can’t be spicy?

Don’t forget: If you want to try Red Gold or Ghost Gold, you can contact John Stacy through his Facebook page. If you’ve already tried it, comment with your favorite use below!

2 thoughts on “4 delicious ways to use Red Gold

  1. Miss Kim @ behgopa

    I was just searching for John’s Red Gold and John’s Ghost Gold (after someone mentioned them in a comment of one of my blog posts) and stumbled upon this post. I thought the name of your blog sounded familiar. You’re one of the San Diego food bloggers, blogger friend of some of the other SD based food bloggers! Cool blog. I am intrigued to try the Ghost Gold! I love spicy.

    1. Annie Annie

      Hi there – thanks for stopping by! I’m a pretty new blogger but am OBSESSED with Red Gold/Ghost Gold. I sub both of them in whenever a recipe calls for chili oil or sambal. Behgopa look so cool! I’m going to have to try Pablo’s chimichurri 🙂


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