Hammonds ice cream point loma

Review: Hammond’s Ice Cream, Point Loma

Confession: I’m mildly lactose intolerant. So when I was invited to the grand opening party for Hammond’s Ice Cream in Point Loma, I was torn. Would it be worth the pain?

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easy crepe recipe

Crepe recipe with berry mascarpone filling

I am such a lucky girl to be able to share this delicious crepe recipe.

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Easy sausage quiche recipe

This easy sausage quiche recipe takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, and is a breakfast game-changer.

I created this recipe after trying to figure out what do with an extra pie shell, some Andouille sausage and half a block of Red Apple smoked gruyere. I’ve never been the biggest fan of breakfast foods, other than bagels (of course). Scrambled eggs — no thank you. Sausage and bacon? Blechhh. But throw all those ingredients together into a pie shell, and I’m officially obsessed.

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