tsa precheck global entry sentri
TSA Precheck, Global Entry + SENTRI: What’s the difference?

At a potluck a few months ago (hosted by the lovely Lynn from Oh-So Yummy), a group of us were talking about some of the expedited travel programs out there – TSA Precheck, Global Entry and SENTRI. We all had vague ideas about what the differences were, but nothing concrete.

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holy basil pork thai street food
Best Thai street food: Bangkok and Krabi

Thai street food has ruined me for life.

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cheap Thailand vacation
Cheap Thailand vacation: My 11-day, $899 dream getaway

It's been a whirlwind month between getting laid off, applying for (at last count) 82 freaking jobs and then going on my dream vacation across Thailand! After researching the different Thai provinces, best districts within those provinces and top hotels in those districts because OCD, I was able to skip the overpriced packages and plan a cheap Thailand vacation for just $899.

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flying to thailand on a budget
Flying to Thailand on a budget

In this post, I'm going to put the "Jew" in "Jewskimo", and share my tricks for flying to Thailand on a budget.

I've dreamed of going to Thailand for years, but between student loans and the California tax rate, it just wasn't an option. (The moral superiority of living in a blue state comes at a steep price.) But that was until I found a roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to Bangkok for $564.

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